Sesame Noodle Salad with Teriyaki Style Chicken
Serving Size:5|Prep Time:50minutes|Cook Time:40minutes

  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together tamari, rice vinegar and sugar. Slowly whisk in sesame oil until well blended.
  2. Place chicken thighs in a bowl, pour half of dressing/marinade (1/4 cup) over chicken thighs and coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate for at least a half hour.
  3. While chicken is marinating, place water and salt in a large pot. Bring to a boil and add noodles. Cook for about 8 minutes or until noodles are tender.
  4. Drain noodles and rinse with cold water. Toss noodles with sesame oil and put in the refrigerator to chill (about 10 minutes).
Prepare Grill or oven for cooking Chicken
  1. If using grill bring heat to 375- 400°F. Place marinated chicken directly on grill and cook 6-7 minutes per side or until a probe thermometer reads 165°F when placed in thickest part of the thigh.
  2. If using oven, pre-heat to 375°F. Place marinated chicken on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or lightly oiled. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until the thickest part of the thigh reaches an internal temperature of 165°F.
After the Chicken is cooked, rest for 10 minutes and slice thinly
  1. Place chilled noodles in a large bowl. Pour remaining ¼ cup dressing/marinade over the noodles. Add carrots, cilantro, scallions and sesame seeds. Mix until noodles are coated with the dressing and ingredients are evenly distributed.
  2. Place noodle/vegetable mixture on a large serving platter or in individual bowls, top with sliced chicken if using.
Chef’s Narrative
This lively and colorful noodle salad is delicious with or without the chicken. It’s great for picnics – you can make it ahead and it will hold in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. This is a good make ahead dish and does well in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
Recipe Substitutions
Substitute rice noodles for a gluten free version.
Dressing/Marinade (makes 1/2 cup)
  • 2tablespoonsreduced sodium tamari
  • 2tablespoonsrice vinegar
  • 2teaspoonsgranulated sugar
  • 1/4cupsesame oil
  • 4boneless, skinless chicken thighs(approximately 1 pound)
  • 1/4cupdressing/marinde
  • 1gallonwater
  • 1/4teaspoonsalt
  • 8ouncesUdon noodles, uncooked
  • 1teaspoonsesame oil
  • 2carrotspeeled and grated
  • 1/2bunchcilantro, large stems removed, roughly chopped
  • 3scallionstrimmed and thinly sliced
  • 1 1/2tablespoontoasted sesame seeds

AllergensSoy, Wheat