Meat Market

11900 SW Canyon Rd.
Beaverton, OR

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9am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday

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Local, organic, pasture raised meats

We know where our meat comes from. Most of the meat products we carry are raised on our own family farms or from ranchers we know. Much is certified organic and managed with sustainable practices where animals have access to pasture, there are no cages, crates or crowding, and where there’s an enriched environment that takes comfort and overall well-being into account.


Our own from Aurora Valley Organic, all organic, 100% vegetarian diet, free-range and antibiotic free. Flocks grow at their own natural pace in a clean, spacious environment, with warm barns and easy access to outdoor pastures. Outdoor areas also include ample shade, areas to dust bathe, and bales of straw and wooden structures to provide perches and encourage natural behavior. We believe this environment is not only good for our poultry, but also provides you with the highest quality, freshest products available. Air chilled to retain natural flavor.


We raise our own organically certified beef. Pasture-raised on a diet of grass, supplemented with hay and alfalfa that we grow on our own farms. We also source from other local family farms who, like us, place animal welfare at a premium, although they may not be certified organic.


Our pork comes mostly from Rieben Farms in Banks, Oregon. It is raised on locally-sourced feed without antibiotics or added growth hormones. As the national supply chain faces challenges, we have been able to source some hogs from the Midwest that were destined to be harvested and wasted.  We butcher all our pork in-house, resulting in the very freshest cuts and we are proud to do our part in limiting waste during the current environment.


We feature Hawley Ranch lamb, raised in Cottage Grove, OR. The lambs are pasture-raised, grass fed and supplemented with clover during the winter months. No antibiotics or additional growth hormones, butchered in-house for top quality and freshness.

Sausage & Hash

We make our own! Freshly ground and mixed in-house daily by our butchers.

Fajitas, Stir Fries and Burgers

Prepped and ready-to-cook items including fajita’s, stir fry combos, and burgers, all easy to cook at home!

BBQ Basics & More

We’ve got a thoughtfully curated, small selection of basics for your BBQ, grilling and pantry needs. You’ll find mesquite and lump charcoal, wood chips, pellets and briquettes, along with a variety of sauces, rubs, condiments and snacks. We’ve got rolls and buns, ice cream, and our own Buddy’s Formula Oven Baked dog food, a house-made kibble for your own buddy.

Dairy, Cheese & Eggs

A special feature of our dairy case is Lulubelle’s, our own line of organic dairy products from the Willamette Valley where we pamper our cows at our own family farms.

Among our selection of cheeses, you’ll find our own Lulubelle’s organic cheeses along with specialty organic varieties produced by our sister company Willamette Valley Cheese, located in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country. They use traditional old-world methods to produce hand-crafted, delicious artisan organic cheeses. Certified Organic, they use simple, healthy ingredients to create high-quality handmade cheese made by dedicated cheesemakers. Try the aged Cheddar, Dutch-style Gouda’s, creamy Havarti’s, nutty Fontina, buttery Brie and unique Boerenkaas.

We feature Gwendolyn’s local, organic eggs by the dozen, from our own laying hens in Aurora. These eggs aren’t just a pretty package: There really was a Gwendolyn! Years ago, the farmer’s family adopted an older hen to provide a safe place for it to roost after it was discovered that she had quit laying. Promptly after settling into their backyard flock, she started laying again, and continued to do so for many years. She affectionately earned the name Gwendolyn after their great-grandmother, a woman of pluck and fortitude whose family had raised chickens for generations. Our hens enjoy an all-organic diet with vegetarian feed, and plenty of access to pasture, just like the old days.

Wine & Beer

We’ve got a great value and selection of American Viticulture Association wines from local, regional, national and specialty producers. Choose from a selection of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rose, Cote du Rhone, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Malbec, Cabernet, Chianti, Merlot, Syrah, sparkling wines, Champagne and more, plus icy cold local beers. .

Basics Recipes

Our Recipe Station offers a selection of delicious seasonal recipes from juicy steaks and burgers to chicken kebabs and lamb meatballs, all developed by our in-house chefs.

Meat Market Manager, Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball has been working in the natural meat industry for over 12 years. A Pacific Northwest native, he’s done on-site butchery at farms, and gained valuable knowledge from hands-on experience in the industry and working directly with some of the best meat professionals in Portland. His favorite dishes to cook are tacos and blackened steelhead with his homemade spice mix and a remoulade sauce made with his very own fermented pickles. He loves to share his in-depth knowledge of meat cuts, cooking tips and favorite recipes and looks forward to welcoming you to the Market and answering all your meaty questions!