About Us

Basics is a market, classroom and gathering place designed to help more people cook nourishing meals at home. It was founded by a collective of farmers, entrepreneurs, culinary experts, nutritionists and natural foods veterans inspired to nurture health through food. Basics finds the freshest, most flavorful ingredients, pairs them with simple, seasonal recipes, and shares kitchen skills and nutrition know-how so everyone has just what they need to cook at home. The markets are supplied by a network of organic, sustainable farms and Oregon food producers that prioritize soil health, animal welfare, regenerative practices and seasonal rhythms.

Basics™ Market Opening Fourth Location In Hillsdale Neighborhood

Basics, a new market designed to help people cook more at home and support local farmers and producers with a bounty of fresh, regional ingredients will open its newest location in Hillsdale this February. The emerging, locally owned grocery is leasing the 12,000 square-foot space formerly occupied by Food Front at 6344 SW Capitol Hwy.

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