About Us

Basics is a market, classroom and gathering place designed to help more people cook nourishing meals at home. It was founded by a collective of farmers, entrepreneurs, culinary experts, nutritionists and natural foods veterans inspired to nurture health through food. Basics finds the freshest, most flavorful ingredients, pairs them with simple, seasonal recipes, and shares kitchen skills and nutrition know-how so everyone has just what they need to cook at home. The markets are supplied by a network of organic, sustainable farms and Oregon food producers that prioritize soil health, animal welfare, regenerative practices and seasonal rhythms.

Basics™ Meat Market Opening In Beaverton

With a focus on locally sourced organic beef, pork, poultry and dairy, Basics will open its first Meat Market in the coming weeks at 11900 S.W. Canyon Road in Beaverton. The accessible, small-format shop, a repurposed mid-century burger spot with plenty of parking, will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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