Our Story

We’re part of Wild Rose Foods, a collective of farmers, culinary experts, nutritionists and natural foods veterans inspired to nurture health through food.

Here are some of the things that matter to us.

Nurturing health through food.

We’re bringing together fresh ingredients, nutritious recipes and cooking classes under one roof to simplify shopping and promote good health.

Quick and easy shopping.

Basics is a small format market, making ingredients easy to find. Convenient recipe cards provide inspiration through chef-developed recipes that are reviewed by Basics’ nutrition team to ensure maximum health benefits.

Health starts on the farm.

Our farms prioritize soil heath, animal welfare, regenerative practices and seasonal rhythms to yield delicious, nutritious food.

Fixing more than dinner.

We believe cooking is a recipe for a healthier diet with less waste and more flavor. It connects us to the people who grow our food and brings us back to the soil. It connects us to each other.

Cooking that’s fun.

We want to help people enjoy their time in the kitchen. Our nutrition and culinary mentors can answer questions and suggest ways to customize recipes and help with any dietary needs.

Wellness through seasonal food.

That’s why we’re working to increase access to the best of the season and be on hand to offer support if anyone needs help or is looking for inspiration.

Ever conscious of our impact, Wild Rose Foods produces a variety of brands united by a commitment to simple, transparent ingredients, minimal (if any) processing, and deep care for the land, animals and our communities.

Looking for our brands? Ask a Basics team member, we're happy to help!


Lulubelle’s™ Creamery
Fresh organic dairy products from the Willamette Valley, where we pamper our pasture-raised cows at our local farms.


Gwendolyn’s™ Organic Eggs
Our Hens are hatched, raised and laying in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and enjoy plenty of access to pasture.


Willamette Valley Cheese™
Hand-crafted artisan cow’s milk cheeses made from our own organic milk.

emily’s table™
Small batch sauces are made with delicious recipes, prepared with simplicity and care.

Red Hills Fruit Company
Dedicated to making the finest preserved fruits and berries from Oregon’s bounty.

Microbrewed teas crafted with certified organic leaves and sweetened only with honey or agave.

Silver Sage™ Farms
Premium foods for your pet and farm animals, made with local and organic ingredients.

Seven Cousins™
Great tasting, nutritious foods, spreads and condiments using the simplest, local ingredients possible.

Sunny Jim™
Small batch fruit spreads (and vintage labels), from a trusted Pacific Northwest brand.