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Feeding hungry minds

Basics in Education

Long before we opened our first neighborhood store, Basics was already up and running in a special mini format, helping improve access to nutritious foods and home goods within Concordia University’s 3toPhd program. A first-of-its kind store, the Basics Mini Market provided students of both Faubion Elementary and Concordia, as well as teachers and staff, easy access to nutritious foods right within school walls. The Basics Mini Market was part of an integrated effort that includes Basics, Concordia University, Portland Public Schools’ Faubion School, Trillium Family Services and Kaiser Permanente to close the opportunity gap and ensure that every child can fulfill their potential.

In May of 2020, after the closure of Concordia University and its 3toPhd program, the Basics Mini Market was forced to close. We remain committed to supporting our communities and their challenges of food insecurity with in-kind donations, including continuing donations to the food pantry at Faubion Elementary.

Donation Requests

Basics is happy to consider in-kind food donations to certified 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations that serve children and families in need of nourishment within the vicinity of our stores.

Thanks for introducing yourself and your organization! Please use the following form to submit a request and share how it aligns with our focus on food access. We’ll contact you within a week about your request. Please keep in mind that we typically do not provide cash support and instead focus on sharing nutritious food as we’re able.

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