Our team has worked hard to provide you with a trusted place to stock up on pantry staples, quality frozen meats, and other pantry staples at closeout prices!! Of course we’ll still have Lulubelle’s Creamery Milk, Cheese & Gwendolyn’s Organic Eggs from our own local farms. Your grocery budget will thank you when after you add Basics Market Outlet to your shopping routine. We look forward to welcoming you in soon!

Local, organic, pasture raised meats

Dairy, Cheese & Eggs

A special feature of our dairy case is Lulubelle’s Creamery, our own line of organic dairy products from the Willamette Valley where we pamper our cows at our own family farms.

Among our selection of cheeses, you’ll find our own Lulubelle’s organic cheeses along with specialty organic varieties produced under the Willamette Valley Cheese brand. We use traditional old-world methods to produce hand-crafted, delicious artisan organic cheeses. Certified Organic, they use simple, healthy ingredients to create high-quality handmade cheese made by dedicated cheesemakers. Try the aged Cheddar, or buttery French Prairie Brie.

We feature Gwendolyn’s local, organic eggs by the dozen, from our own laying hens in Aurora. These eggs aren’t just a pretty package: There really was a Gwendolyn! Years ago, the farmer’s family adopted an older hen to provide a safe place for it to roost after it was discovered that she had quit laying. Promptly after settling into their backyard flock, she started laying again, and continued to do so for many years. She affectionately earned the name Gwendolyn after their great-grandmother, a woman of pluck and fortitude whose family had raised chickens for generations. Our hens enjoy an all-organic diet with vegetarian feed, and plenty of access to pasture, just like the old days.