17675 SW Farmington Rd.
Aloha, OR 97007

(503) 746-4147

2/16-2/18, 9am-6pm

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1/30/24 Update:


Dear Friends and Neighbors, It is with a heavy heart that we share our decision to close our Farmington Basics Market. We have enjoyed being your neighborhood grocer, and send our appreciation to our loyal customers and supporters, but the time has come to close our doors. We are sad that this location in the Aloha didn’t work out as planned, but hope you will visit us at our other grocery retail location in SW Portland (Hillsdale) or continue to shop with us online Thank you for shopping with us.

Store Closing FAQs

Aloha's Local Grocer!

Scratch Deli with Freshly Prepared Foods & Entrees Made to Order


You’ll find a selection of house-made roasted meats (all natural poultry, plus local beef and pork raised on our own farms!), daily chef-crafted and house made soups, along with fresh composed salads, sandwiches, panini, and breakfast items. Enjoy made to order burgers, sandwiches, salads and explore the hot wok station with noodle entrees inspired by Italian and Asian cuisine.

Meat Counter


We know where our meat comes from. Most of the meat products we carry are raised on our own family farms or from ranchers we know, all to our standards! Much is certified organic and managed with sustainable practices where animals have access to pasture, there are no cages, crates or crowding, and where there’s an enriched environment that takes comfort and overall well-being into account.

  • Poultry: We Partner with Mary’s Chicken to provide a range of poultry products, including All Natural, Organic, and at times Heirloom Chicken.  Flocks are fed an all vegetarian diet in a clean, spacious environment, with warm barns and easy access to outdoor pastures. Outdoor areas also include ample shade, areas to dust bathe, and bales of straw and wooden structures to provide perches and encourage natural behavior. We agree with Mary’s values and that this environment is not only good for chickens, but also provides you with the highest quality, freshest products available. Air chilled to retain natural flavor.
  • Beef: We raise our own organically certified beef at Silver Sage Farms in Eastern Oregon. Pasture raised on a diet of grass, supplemented with hay, our own organic alfalfa, and organic corn silage (the entire plant) and barley grown in the U.S. and Canada. When needed to meet demand, we also source from other local family farms who, like us, place animal welfare at a premium, although they may not be certified organic.
  • Pork: We are currently growing our own local, all-natural pork supply at Silver Sage Farms. We butcher all our pork in-house, resulting in the very freshest cuts and we are proud to do our part in limiting waste during the current environment.
  • Lamb: We feature Hawley Ranch lamb, raised in Cottage Grove, OR. The lambs are pasture-raised, grass fed and supplemented with clover during the winter months. No antibiotics or additional growth hormones, butchered in-house for top quality and freshness.
  • Sausage, Hash & Burgers: We make our own! Freshly ground and house-made daily. Look for your traditional flavors and a few more exotic rotational options.

In House Bakery


Our Bakers are some of the best in town!  With a list of specialties too long to list, we encourage you to come in and try for yourself.  Fresh baked breads, donuts, cookies, and more – you can grab an artfully decorated cake off the shelf or have a custom cake made for any special occasion.


Smoothie & Juice Bar

Looking to add more fruit and nutrition daily meal plan?  Our Smoothie Bar offers a variety of cold-pressed juices, along with acai power bowls and smoothies made fresh while you wait!  Our house recipes maximize nutrition and minimize added sugars – you can also add nutrient boosters of your choosing!

Looking for something quick and easy?  Find ready-to-to yogurt parfaits, overnight oats, and other tasty nourishing options too!




Visit our 8 foot full service seafood case for seasonal offerings, as available, including Pacific NW wild-caught rockfish fillets; Pacific cod; fresh Columbia River-raised steelhead; wild-caught scallops and shell-on shrimp.

Cheese, Dairy & Eggs

You’ll find a high quality selection of milk, cheeses, yogurts, kefirs and more, with plenty of local and organic options, as well as dairy-free alternatives.

Always the customer favorite, we feature Gwendolyn’s Organic local eggs by the dozen from our own laying hens in Aurora. Our hens enjoy an all organic diet with vegetarian feed, and plenty of access to pasture, just like the old days.

A special feature of our dairy case is Lulubelle’s Creamery, our own line of organic dairy products from our own cows, bottled at our own creameries and distributed by us directly to all of our Basics Markets. Try our good old fashioned Cream on Top Whole Milk, High Protein Ultra-filtered Milk, and our creamy small batch cheeses!

Among our selection of cheeses, you’ll find our own Willamette Valley Cheese Company, located in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country. We use traditional old-world methods to produce hand-crafted, delicious artisan cheeses that are certified organic.  Try the Dutch-style Goudas, creamy Havartis, a nutty Fontina, or the buttery French Prairie Brie.



With an emphasis on what’s in season and what we can locally find, our produce is delivered fresh daily. You’ll find the very freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables, sourced locally whenever possible. Whether it’s Organic or the best quality conventional produce, we have a wide selection of everything you need for stir fries, salads, sides and main courses. It’s all beautifully displayed in refrigerated cases, baskets and jars found throughout the market.

Grab & Go

Our convenient refrigerated cases feature sandwiches, wraps, cut fruit and veggies, juices, fresh pasta, dips, yogurts, pickles, condiments, salsas, salad dressings, cold waters, Kombucha, sodas and more.

Bottle Shop

We’ve got great values and a wide selection of American Viticulture Association wines from local, regional, national and specialty producers. Choose from a selection of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rose, Cote du Rhone, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Malbec, Cabernet, Chianti, Merlot, Syrah, sparkling wines, Champagne and more.

Our coolers are home to a wide selection of icy cold local beers, ciders and national brands too. 


Pantry Staples

Our shelves are stocked with a diverse, curated selection prioritizing affordability and featuring local brands and national favorites. You’ll find cereals, pasta, oils, vinegars, sauces, ethnic foods, baby foods, dried and canned products, snack items, baking products, spices and beverages, veggie proteins, superfoods, and Kosher products, along with home goods including cooking utensils. We also carry personal care items, household cleaning items, even pet foods, school supplies and basic hardware and household basics.

Frozen Foods

Craving ice-cream? Need a quick meal to stash in the freezer? We understand life’s realities! We offer a selection of organic fresh frozen, regionally sourced vegetables, berries and fruit. Also in our freezers: pizzas, tamales, ice cream and sorbets, along with quick to the table frozen meals at the ready. Just check our freezer cases for a variety of local and sustainable selections.

Homage to former market

Building on the Past

Don’t miss the fabulous giant chalkboard front and center in our new Farmington market. We reused and recycled an existing board from the previous market, that was such a big part of the neighborhood, updating it with colorful, hand drawn illustrations and preserving the motto Think*Buy*Be Local as an homage to the former Bales Thriftway market. Come on in and see for yourself – just look up!

Looking for Inspiration?

Recipe Walls

Visit our Recipe Walls featuring 12 seasonal and rotating recipes developed by our in-house chefs and Nutrition Director with your health in mind.

What's in the Market

Farmington Market Asst. Manager

A veteran of the natural foods business, Miguel Quiroz brings a combined 16 years of experience to the Basics team with positions as varied as meat and seafood buyer to store merchandiser. He’s excited about being part of the process of opening a new store – his expertise at building systems and putting them into place with an eye toward maximum efficiency is a real plus for the team.  Miguel’s passion is to coach and mentor people and to help them grow in the company: He likes to be the go-to guy! A Beaverton resident, he’s a family man, who enjoys spending time with his wife and his three kids. Hobbies? Cooking! A meat guy, he’s a master at the grill, loves to eat, and to learn new recipes.  Please say Hi to Miguel and share your favorite grilling recipe!